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What About The Boy A Fathers Pledge To His Disabled Son, Parenting At It’s Best!

by Parent on August 16, 2011

Dave and Bill interviewed Stephen Gallup today, it was awesome, so make sure to listen to the whole show below…

Nobody knew what had hurt little Joseph … a pre-natal toxin, a genetic fault, a difficult birth? Whatever the cause, something had gone terribly wrong—but no one was offering solutions or guidance. His parents were helpless… or were they?

According to the Center for Disease Control: out of 4 million births
in the U.S. each year, at least one in every 110 children has an autism-spectrum disorder – over 36,000 per year!

When Do We Stop Listening Just to the Doctors & Start Trusting Ourselves

At a time when developmental disabilities were a medical mystery, Stephen and Judy Gallup paved the way for future families.

BIO: Stephen Gallup holds a BS degree in chemistry and zoology (a pre-medical curriculum) and an MA in English from the University of Virginia. Stephen has worked continuously as a technical writer since 1977. Prior to his son’s birth in 1985, he had also written personality and travel features for various newspapers as well as short fiction that appeared in small literary journals.

Thank you for: What About The Boy- A Fathers Pledge To His Disabled Son with Stephen Gallup, he was a fantastic guest… and it’s one of the best shows of the year… Keep tabs on Stephen’s Blog, Facebook Fanpage and Twitter!

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