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Webkinz World – A Safe Place To Play

by Parent on August 3, 2011

The internet can be a fun place to play and hang out, but finding a safe environment for your children can be tricky. That’s when Webkinz World comes in, a “friendly, educational and fun online community.” To become a part of webkinz, buy a webkinz plush animal at your local toy store. On the tag of that animal (it could be a cat, dog, horse, etc) is a code that will allow you and your child to enter the world of webkinz. Adopt your plush toy online, name it, then go to your ‘room’ where your online pet will dwell.

Not only is Webkinz a fun place, it is also a place of learning. Right after kids adopt a pet and go to their ‘room’ they are given kinzcash to decorate their ‘room’ with. Kids have to learn how to manage money and earn it. There are plenty of online games that have kids type various things which in turn forces them to learn how to spell. Lastly, there is a game called Quizzy, where kids are asked age-appropiate questions. There they have the chance of learning fun facts with Quizzy with educational-based questions.

Owning a pet is no easy task. It requires you to feed it twice a day, fill it’s water dish, clean up after it, give it love, and give it exercise. It is the same deal with Webkinz, you get to take care of an animal like you would in real life. Children who play Webkinz will be able to learn some responsibility that could help them in the future.

Not only is Webkinz a great way to entertain your kids online, it is also a place to chat and be social. Kids invite friends over to their ‘room’ and Kinzchat- the Facebook chat for kids. With Kinzchat there is no actual typing involved, but piecing words together to make a sentence.

This eliminates fear of your child reading inappropriate things because children can’t actually type anything. If your child is older and knows how to type, there is Kinzchat plus. Kinzchat plus restricts certain words from being passed over the internet.

For example, if a child tries to pass on their phone number, it will turn red on the screen and won’t send. Also, inappropriate phrases such as boyfriend, or girlfriend are not allowed and will turn yellow. All appropriate words will stay green in color. Kinzchat is a great way for your children to chat safely online.

    Webkinz also comes with a parent’s area. Where all questions about the site are answered and instructions on given. Such as “Turning off third party adds” and “Clubhouse rules for Kinzchat plus.” Parents are free to explore the Webkinz world to see if the site is right for their child.

Children need a safe place to find entertainment online. Webkinz allows kids to learn, play, and chat without the worry of danger. It is a great place to spend online with your children.

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Diana Hopkins August 5, 2011 at 10:10 pm

very informative. Thank you


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