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Friendship, Kindness, Respect, Compassion and Love!

by Parent on May 15, 2012

As a father I Choose:  Friendship

Here’s Why:  As a young boy my grandmother taught me “You have to be a Friend, to have a Friend” this lesson has served me well throughout my life, and I have also passed this along, to my own children!!

I Choose Friendship, Kindness, Respect, Compassion and Love!

While interviewing Mary Kay, I shared my own story of a neighborhood bully and I was glad to have all the information and experiences, I’d gained over the past 10 years with Online Security issues and radio interviews, to help me to understand and talk to the father of the bully, and share my concerns with him and his boy!

So, please make sure to watch this wonderful video, and also go to the website for more CyberBullying help & info!

Plus, get your kids get their own “I Choose Bracelets”, and educators and communicators go there as well to “Get Your Free Starter Kit”.

Mary Kay Hoal is a nationally recognized expert on children’s online safety. She is the founder and president of Yoursphere Media Inc., which focuses on the family and publishes the kids social network

Mary Kay also offers parents Internet-safety information and tips at She has been profiled on CNN, Fox & Friends, FOX Business, E!, Lifetime TV, ABC News Now, and The Reader’s Digest. Mary Kay is also part of the “Web Avenger” team for ABC’s 20/20.

Listen or download this awesome CHWR interview with: Mary Kay Hoal, Back Again…To Talk About Cyberbullying

In 2012, Mary Kay founded The Yoursphere Media Foundation and Coalition for Internet Safety Education and Reform (FCISER), which is dedicated to creating a network of community educators that provide children, their parents, schools and communities, with the necessary skills, knowledge and tools they need to have a positive and safer digital experience.

Mary Kay has also been published on sites such as, Yahoo! Shine and ABC News where she’s able to reach millions of parents. For more information visit

We want to extend a personal thank you to Mary Kay for all her hard work on behalf of all our kids around the world! but… Most important of all, is “Fighting The Good Fight” she like the CHW Partners Dave & Bill are ALL Tireless Advocates for the Safety of Children and Families in the Digital Age… and We Try and Provide Solutions for families everywhere.

Learn IT, DO IT, Teach IT, Share IT, BE IT

Your CyberHood Watch® Partner & Cyber Parent

Bill Wardell

Radio Security Journalist

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