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The why of this show – we want to protect our children from online and offline dangers, but what is the government doing when they add programs that have already put our children’s portion of this debt well beyond the $40k mark as of today…

Dr. Kipp was a fantastic guest today and really opened my eyes to a huge problem with the Health Care System here in America!

Click here to listen to the interview:

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Parents everywhere need to listen to this show not once but like 2-3 times so you fully understand what our government is proposing and have already initiated some plans that are affecting all of US now!! [click to continue…]

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Neil McNerney is a Licensed Counselor, Certified Parent Coach, Professional Trainer, Community Speaker, & Author.

He has worked with parents for 25 years as a school counselor and in private practice in Reston, VA. Neil serves on the faculty of the Virginia Tech Graduate School of Marriage and Family Therapy, where he teaches courses on counseling children and their parents.

Neil speaks nationally on many family and school topics. His activities have brought him to hundreds of schools, where he has spoken to thousands of parents and staff on the topics of parenting, discipline, homework, the teenage brain, and leadership.

Neil and his wife, Colleen, have two children, Max 13, and Shannon 11. His kids provide him with plenty of opportunities to be humble and to remember how hard parenting can be. If there was one piece of advice Neil could pass on to every parent. [click to continue…]

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