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UPDATE: Human Trafficking & Modern Day Slavery January 2012

by Parent on January 11, 2012

Dave and Bill welcomed Michelle Bart back to the CHWR live show today!

This is National Human Trafficking Month so it was only fitting we have one the leading experts and advocates in the nation, on our show today…

Northwest Coalition Against Trafficking

We were grateful to be a part of kicking off National Human Trafficking Month with Michelle Bart & Kacey Montoya because starting this week: The 4th Annual Northwest Conference Against Trafficking & Film Festival on January 13-15, 2012 in Portland, Oregon

Michelle talked about and previewed this years conference and film festival, as again she will be overseeing the upcoming 4th NWCAT Conference…

Kacey Montoya

Kacey Montoya joined as well today, she is the opening session Emcee on Friday at the Northwest Conference Against Trafficking!

Emmy Award Reporter Kacey Montoya was born in Orange County, California but moved to Dallas, TX when she was eight years old where she spent the next ten years.

That’s where she acquired her love of steak and fries! But, she just couldn’t stay away from California….so she headed back to SoCal for college. Kacey is an anchor and reporter for KOIN Local 6, a CBS Affiliate in Portland.

Listen below to this great interview, with these two awesome women who are fighting the good fight

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“We Have a DREAM…” A World without Modern Day Slavery


CHW Parenting Resource Links:

1. Human Trafficking: Modern Day Slavery Affecting 30 Millions Women and Children… Most people think that slavery is a crime of the past. However, this notion couldn’t be any further from the tragic reality of a well organized criminal activity which victimized more than 30 millions women and children worldwide. As matter of fact, there are more people being enslaved today than at any other time in human history. There are two distinct facets of this modern slave trade: one concerns victims who are sold, bought and used as sex slaves, the other one pertains to people exploited for labor purpose. In this article we will only try to get a grasp on the global sex trade aspect of human trafficking. Read more

2. World Citizens call for urgent action to end human trafficking — a modern-day slave trade. January 11 was in some countries a “National Day of Awareness on Human Trafficking”. While ‘awareness’ is always a first step, it is action that is needed as was underlined by the Association of World Citizens in a message to the Chairman of the UN Human Rights Council. The recent increase in the scope, intensity and sophistication of trafficking of human beings around the world threatens the safety of citizens everywhere and hinders countries in their social, economic, and cultural development. Read more

3. Fighting Modern Day Slavery

4. National Human Trafficking Awareness Day is January 11, 2012

5. Voice of Survivors: Human Trafficking Prevention Month

THINK IT WON’T HAPPEN TO YOU? or your FAMILY… THINK again there are 30 MILLION Modern Day Slaves as of January 10th, 2012 more than any time in history!!!

Dave and I would like to personal thank Michelle & Kacey for joining us today, for all their knowledge, especially their wisdom and the work ethics they both do towards stopping Human Trafficking… so, PLEASE help us help them by…

Becoming active in your community and caring what happens to the children and teens in your area… you can start by watching for the warning signs of children and teens being mistreated, abused, exploited, either by strangers, adults and/or family members… report IT!!! Better to be safe, than sorry!

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Human Trafficking & Modern Day Slavery!]

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