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Do Not Be Casual About CyberBullying And Your Childrens Online “So-Called” Friends!

by Parent on July 15, 2011

Our good friends and one of the top supporters of the live CHWR Radio show… Pandora Corp. Announces Live Chat Event to Coincide with ABC Family’s “Cyberbully” Premier Sunday Night

Pandora Corp. co-founder Jamie Leasure is urging parents to make a date with their children this weekend to watch the ABC Family original movie “Cyberbully” (ABC Family, July 17) and have an open discussion about the national epidemic. The company has also announced they will be hosting a live chat during the movie – everyone is urged to join in and discuss this national epidemic.

Pandora Corp. is the maker of PC Pandora computer monitoring software, a tool that records all activity on the computer. Parents can view screen snapshots of their child’s internet and computer activity, and view logs of all recorded data, such as web history, chat conversations, social network activity, passwords and much more. Leasure says computer monitoring software will help put an end to the cyberbullying epidemic by showing parents exactly what their kids are doing online, specifically, how they are interacting with others. Read more

The CyberHood Watch partners cannot stress enough the importance of “communication” with your children and your role with your child in the new Net-Generation – the digital age. Do not trivialize the social networks and the power of real time (not to mention the permanency) information used to devastate your child’s self-esteem and good name.

A viral attack can suck the life out of your child’s will to live. Ross Ellis responded to a comment made by another, who said, that kids need to toughen-up by saying to the individual, “…really, I said, are you aware that children use suicide as an alternative to get rid of the pain from this stuff.”

Mom and Son Connecting

Parents can no longer hide behind digital ignorance or claim to be technophobic. It is unacceptable to allow cyberbullying to occur. But it is more tragic that a child commits suicide because he or she feels hopeless and like there is no escape.

Some Prevention Tips:

1. Encourage your children to keep passwords safe. Treat your password like your toothbrush – do not share it with anyone!
2. Only post or write things online and in text messages that you would be happy for anyone to see.
3. Implement family rules and procedures about what to do if someone is being cyber bullied, such as saving the message or text as evidence and telling a trusted adult.
4. Become your child’s ‘friend’ on Face book, MySpace, or MSN. Have your child show you, or learn together, how to block someone on a chat service like MSN or how to report abuse to a website or service provider. Also, be a friend of your child on their social networking site.

Take the opportunity to spend some quality time with your children this weekend… learn and teach them about protecting themselves from cyber-bullies and what not to do, to become a cyberBULLY!!

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