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$10.00 per Child… for a Lifetime Membership to InstantAmber by Using CHWR Code!

by Parent on August 11, 2011

Code to use:  CHWR

$10.00 per Child… for Lifetime Membership to InstantAmber by Using CHWR Code! Click the banner to get it NOW!

WOW!!!  Please, please take advantage of this special promotion given to our CyberHood Watch Radio audience and listeners as well all those who are connected to us via social media, our network of informational portals and CHW blogs and especially all our OSA & CHW friends and families on Facebook, Twitter, all other location on the internet…

In 4 years of our db Security, Inc partnership, it’s absolutely the best offer we have ever been able to offer! Thanks Matt 

Matt has assured Dave and I that he’ll extend this offer until the end of August, so get your kids protected before they back to school this 2011-2012 school year which starts this month… and most children will back to school by the 1st of September so get it done now until Aug 31st

We were so excited for today’s show, it is all about helping children when they need it most… Mathieu R. Berman, President/CEO of Instant Amber, joined Dave and Bill in the CyberHood live today!

InstantAmber founder In 2007 after his youngest child went missing on a family vacation, Matt Berman conceived the idea of utilizing the internet and its ability to safely and securely transmit data globally to combat the tragedy of missing children. Matt’s deep concern about the epidemic of missing children led him to create InstantAmber to ensure that parents have access to the best possible tool in the event of a missing child emergency. Read more

There is a one in forty-two chance that your child will go missing before the age of 19.

Do not assume that it will not happen to your family! With InstantAmber, a child safety service, you will be as prepared as possible because your child’s current information and photos are securely stored and available on the web. And by acting proactively, you just may save your child’s life!

It’s as easy as

One… Beginning & Completing the Simple Sign Up Process

Two… Your Child Goes Missing

Three… Quickly Notify Law Enforcement & Begin the Recovery Process

SO… Click this banner, to get a lifetime of protection for each child! Just enter your info and SignUp Now on the right hand side and that gets you started, very simple and easy to do! Then just fill in the CHWR code, just like below.

Four… Reunite with Your Child – Saving time could mean saving a life.

Give yourself the peace of mind knowing that you are as prepared as possible. InstantAmber is your best defense to protect what is most important…your child!

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