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Antoinette Kuritz Shares, What Can We Expect With The World Of Online Publishing!

by Parent on September 6, 2011

Antoinette Kuritz stops by again in the CyberHood today, to talk about the future of writing, publishing, being an author, self publishing, books VS ebooks and blogs… during 2011 through 2012 and beyond!!

Antoinette Kuritz, Literary Publicist, Publishing and Media Coach, author, Host of Writers Roundtable Radio Show, KUSI-TV “Book Lady”, Founder of the LaJolla Writers Conference, wife-of-one, mother-of-three, grandma-of three, … and soon to be Publisher … is up-to-her-keyboard in the book biz and turned her love of words to a multi-media enterprise.

A former teacher and bookseller, she has inspired Chicken Soup Mogul Mark Victor Hansen, launched the national career of psychic medium John Edward, represented crime writer Joseph Wambaugh, set up events for Carl Reiner, Betty White, Depak Chopra, Tony Gwynn and her favorite, the late Dr. Benjamin Spock.

Hosting over 360 radio shows, she picked the brains of top names in the book industry including NYT authors like Tess Gerritsen, Michael Connelly, Lisa Jackson, Stephen J. Cannell, James Rollins …to name a few.

Antoinette Founded the LaJolla Writers Conference, Celebrating its 10th anniversary and she continues to “pay it forward” providing an inexpensive, informative, intimate… What Can We Expect With The World Of Online Publishing!

This was a fantastic interview and we are so thankful to Antoinette for being on our CHWR live broadcast today, Dave and I learned so much… and we’ll be listening to this recording over and over again, as we prepare to publish our Think IT Won’t Happen To You? book this fall!!

Do yourself a favor, if you have not yet listened to the interview, please go back up to the player and listen now!

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