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Mike Lurey Is A Parent, Journalist, Baseball Fan and Author… Guest on CHWR

by Parent on August 30, 2011

I really enjoyed Mike on our show today… his attitude, plus his vast knowledge of baseball was second to none maybe with the exception of his relationship that he has with his son… that now they have traveled the country and visited every Major League Baseball stadium: 16 years, 32 ballparks and 43,000 miles together…

and, I am so looking forward to reading his book as soon as it comes out :)

The great American pastime is so entrenched in our culture that its verbiage is part of the language of many who have never seen a ballgame. Its historical achievers like Jackie Robinson are pillars of social accomplishment. Most of us understand the concept of “3 strikes”, “home run” and “the ball game is over” in any context. But baseball is also a tool for building the bonds that last beyond a lifetime.

Mike Luery is an award-winning journalist with 25 years on TV and radio. Currently, he is the political and investigative reporter for CBS 13 in Sacramento where his “On The Money” reports provide an in depth look at the connection between money and politics. As a television reporter in Florida, Luery’s five-part series on the Ku Klux Klan earned an Outstanding Achievement Award for Investigative Reporting from UPI.

Baseball Between Us is the true story of a father-son road trip to visit every Major League Baseball stadium: 16 years, 32 ballparks and 43,000 miles together.

Part memoir, part travel journal, part father-son coming of age odyssey, author Mike Luery and his son, Matt, engage us in their debates over music, life, food and bedtime as they share the common bond of baseball. See also:

Talking Points:

• 43,000 miles of “whose music”? Making the Perfect Music Mix.
• Taming teen travel tantrums.
• “I Don’t Want to Talk to You” and other fun travel games.
• What we talk about and what we fight about.
• Challenges on the road with Your Child
• Can a father and son be ‘ballpark buddies”? … What To Do When Your Kid Calls You By Your First Name

We would like to thank Mike for spending the day with us and we hope he’ll come back and join us when the book is released, in a few months… plus if you would like to get yourself a copy as soon as it comes out, then you’ll want to pre-order by clicking the book cover here:

Image of Baseball Between Us: 16 Years. 32 Ballparks. 43,000 Miles: A Road Map to a Winning Father/Son Relationship

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