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Everything is told as a story, and the place for storytelling is at home!!

by Parent on August 23, 2011

Marianna Williams, Storyteller Extraordinaire joined Dave and Bill today on the CHWR to share some her stories and insights!!

Happy New Year, Darling!, Stars or Stripes 4th of July, Wince-worthy Tales, an audio CD of true stories.

• Everything is told as a story
• The place for storytelling at home
• Storytelling in the digital age
• Audio / imagination stimulus OR A/V input
• The revival of live mic storytelling
• What are Wince-worthy Tales?

This is what Dave and I learned on today’s show… that Everything is told as a story, and the place for storytelling is at home!!

Marianna is truly a Storyteller Extraordinaire… she brings a wonderful fresh approach to the art of story telling that we all need to relearn especially those of us who are parents in the this new digital age.

More now than ever we need to create a bond with our children (our whole family) that can withstand the onslaught of information overload that our children experience daily at school, in the media, and with friendships. Society is pulling at them constantly with their own personal messages of hype and advertising… listen below to this wonderful bright and entertaining author, teach Dave and Bill a thing or two about how to have more impact with our own CHWR message and add some fun to interaction with our children and others we communicate with daily!

Marianna Williams Storyteller Extraordinaire

In the world of storytelling, Marianna Williams is a truly talented artist. The art of storytelling dates back to when that was the only way people could keep a history or transfer information. Storytelling became an art form when civilizations evolved to enable leisure time.

Although Leisure time today is saturated by electronic media, some of us choose to communicate on a more personal level. Mariana Williams has helped revive the art of storytelling and a new movement that is afoot taking storytelling to the stage. It could be said that storytelling on stage is when “reality takes the mic”, and it resonates with the audience. Mariana Williams writes and tells stories that poignantly relate to the heart, imagination and humor of our times; as does the music written by her husband Grammy and Oscar winner, Paul Williams.

A native Californian whose degree in psychology led to a career in the arts, Mariana Williams is a storyteller who was a finalist in the nationally acclaimed Moth Grand Slam. Having worked after college as a pianist/singer performing in Japan, Morocco, and the U.S., it was while booking comedy that she found the voice that led to writing and storytelling.

Mariana Williams

The author of the Veronica Bennett series, novels of a singer who falls into accidental crime in Happy New Year, Darling!, and Stars or Stripes 4th of July, Mariana combines her comedy and writing in Wince-worthy Tales, an audio CD of true stories told by the author. Mariana also stays busy creating storytelling competitions throughout southern California, helping revive the storytelling tradition.

Mariana says that her second choice of a career as writer is turning out better than her dream of becoming a ballerina. She says ”Unlike dance, you can practice while lying in bed with a bag of chips.” She lives in a southern California beach town with her songwriter husband, Paul Williams. Her son and daughter have left the nest, their rooms now occupied by two calico cats.

In addition to writing stories, Marianna is promoting the process of storytelling as a tool for strengthening families, groups and communities. Check out her website: for more info…

I have wonderful memories of my grandmother telling me stories, when I was very little that are still just as vivid today as they were way back then over 45 years ago! Sitting by my bedside sharing those very precious moments just before I would fall asleep… please take a few minutes each night to build some lifelong and lasting memories for your children :)

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Make sure to check out Marianna’s 2 books, click on covers!

Image of Happy New Year Darling
Image of Stars or Stripes 4th of July


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