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Paying It Forward With Passion! Means, There Is “No Room for Vengeance”

by Parent on August 9, 2011

No Room for Vengeance with Victoria Ruvolo & Robert Goldman
Resilience, Not Vengeance! Separating Social and Statutory Justice

Listen below to this very inspiring interview today… as The CyberHood Watch Partners Dave and Bill learn, Paying It Forward With Passion! Means, There Is “No Room for Vengeance” from our two, very special guests!

The story of Victoria Ruvolo’s resilience has been making news since some kids out on a night of joyriding in November 2004 threw a frozen turkey out of their car and it went through Victoria’s windshield, destroying both the windshield and her face and leaving her near death as they drove away.

Doctors predicted that if she did live, she would never be fully functional again – she would need a caretaker. The District Attorney on Long Island, where the event occurred, wanted the maximum prison term for the teen who had actually tossed the turkey – between 25 and 40 years.

Vicky is the personification of resilience. She survived, she healed, she convinced the DA and the judge that 6 months in jail, five years probation, and one year of community service would probably produce a far better result for society than turning a stupid kid into a hardened criminal. And she went on to work alongside her attacker, Ryan Cushing, in the Suffolk County TASTE program for at-risk kids. And instead on one year community service, Ryan did three at Victoria’s side where they inspired other kids to pick up where he left off talking to kids about the decisions they make….

What a fantastic story and a wonderful women filled with compassion and empathy, who says; it was easy to forgive because it was a lesson she had learned from her parents, as a child!

Please support Victoria Ruvolo & Robert Goldman by, pre-ordering her book here: The CyberHood Watch Supports Victoria

Victoria’s story is such a great story and example of what our young people need to hear as well as their parents. Parents also need to understand that it really does make a difference how you raise your children and that childhood lessons can truly shape your life and help you when you least expect it, and when you most need it.

If folks would support Victoria’s message and story by pre-ordering her book it will help get her message to those that really need to hear it, and it will help Victoria to make sure her message get’s out to a wider audience! Thanks in advance for your help and as always thank you all for your support, of The CyberHood Watch Radio and our guests!

Check out Dave’s wonderful insight and post, as well here on the: CHW Blog

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