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Dr. Kipp Van Camp, How Health Care Reform Will Affect Future Generations

by Parent on April 18, 2012

The why of this show – we want to protect our children from online and offline dangers, but what is the government doing when they add programs that have already put our children’s portion of this debt well beyond the $40k mark as of today…

Dr. Kipp was a fantastic guest today and really opened my eyes to a huge problem with the Health Care System here in America!

Click here to listen to the interview:

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Parents everywhere need to listen to this show not once but like 2-3 times so you fully understand what our government is proposing and have already initiated some plans that are affecting all of US now!!

To get more info about: Dr. Kipp Van Camp, his radio show and his book called MisDiagnosis or click the cover below:

Image of Misdiagnosis: A Practicing Physician's Case Study in Health Care Reform

I highly recommend this book for everyone to read, and especially to all our #CHWR listeners, The CyberHood Watch followers and yes all of our fans!!

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[How Health Care Reform Will Affect Future Generations!]

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