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We have gathered the best and the brightest writers to share their personal experiences, research and writing skills with you about parenting, raising children, and enjoying the internet safely with their families!

The topics we will be covering on a weekly basis are:

Cool Technology, Cyber Bullying, Cyber Crime, Cyber Culture, Cyber News, Education, Emergency Alerts, Teens and Tweens, Internet Lingo, Internet Safety, Internet Security, New Legislation, Online Predators, Online Entertainment, Parental Supervision, Cyber Parenting, Pop Culture, Reviews, Social Networking, Statistics, Teen Health and Wellness, Teen Issues!

Contributing Writers:

Bio: Bill Wardell

Bio: Dave Ballard

Bio: Rachel Call

Bio: Natalie Clive

Bio: Derek Gurr

Bio: Breanna Trost

Bio: Lauren Bailey

Our staff uses their “news nose” to sniff out interesting concepts and features for CyberParenting… They’re freelance writers, journalists and editors. In addition to their posts on CyberParenting, they also contribute to writing to a number of online and print publications, and all are respected authorities in their careers and field of studies!

Our authors, are teen and family advocates, parents, professionals and they tackle the tough issues in the ultra-popular social media information overloaded society, and communication online world we live in… They are each very passionate about presenting their ideas, tips and advice in useful ways that allow people to guide the behavior of the next generation and closing the gap between children and parents in this new digital divide – without crushing their spirits.

CyberParenting contributors tell it like it is, and teaches that communication and awareness are the cornerstones to good CyberParenting and parenting offline, as well…

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We would like to thank all our guest (Staff) writers on The CyberHood Watch Parenting Blog! We feel it’s an honor and pleasure, to have others participate and contribute to the great content, ideas, tips, advice and opinions on and in our CyberHood, we all live in… help us, help them, by supporting and visiting their sites!

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Your CyberHood Watch Partners & Cyber Parents

Dave Ballard & Bill Wardell

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