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Instant Amber

            Picture it.

You’re on vacation with the kids.

You’re at the beach; it’s a beautiful day. You turn around to call the kids for lunch and realize you’re youngest, just 6-years-old, is nowhere in sight.

Panic sets in as you frantically call for anyone nearby to help find your missing child.

This is the scene that unfolded for Matt Berman, husband and father of two, and founder of InstantAmber.

Matt did find her daughter that day at the beach – and also found himself thinking about the bigger picture: the tragedy of missing children.

Matt’s deep seeded concern about the epidemic of missing children led him to create InstantAmber – a powerful new tool that utilizes the Internet to securely transmit data about missing children around the world.

Bottom line: It will help parents sleep at night.

How Does InstantAmber WorK?

InstantAmber is a service that is affordable, and very easy to use.

Just follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to protecting your kids in the event of a missing child emergency.

  • Visit the InstantAmber Website from anywhere in the world
  • Enter your email address and choose a password to register for a personal InstantAmber vault
  • Following the clear prompts, add your loved one’s information and photos, including a description, emergency medical facts and emergency contacts.
  • When finished, simply logout of your personal InstantAmber vault
  • In case of emergency, call 911
  • Give the Officer your email address and personally-selected Law Enforcement Password
  • Law enforcement can access the information and photos it needs

Is InstantAmber Secure?

You bet.

Matt Berman made it a point to ensure that all information transmitted through InstantAmber is safe and secure.  All of the information that it sends over the Internet is highly data-encrypted for privacy.

Plus, all InstantAmber vaults are password protected and independently monitored 24 hours a day by one of the world’s leading Internet security providers, McAfee.

Can’t beat that.

Why Use InstantAmber?

If you think your child is safe – think again.

The missing child epidemic impacts all of us – everyday.

The U.S. Department of Justice places a child’s chances of being abducted at 1 in 42.

Experts agree that the first 2 hours following a child abduction are the most crucial to the successful recovery of the child, and in particular the first 20 minutes. Data shows that it can take hours for a parent to assemble and then deliver the information and photos which are vital to law enforcement’s efforts to recover a missing child.

InstantAmber makes this information available to law enforcement within seconds.

Parents this is the service you need.

And at $2.50/month – you couldn’t ask for more affordable protection and better peace of mind.

Do I Use InstantAmber?

I have two small – very curious – children.

Have I felt the terror of my daughter wandering off in the grocery store?


But, as an InstantAmber subscriber, I feel secure in knowing that my daughter will be found should she ever wander off with the wrong person.

I would also urge parents of teenagers to think about subscribing to InstantAmber. In this day of Internet chatrooms and social networks – InstantAmber will help you play it safe when your teen decides not to.

InstantAmber Is Vital

It’s easy to use – completely secure – and it’s accesible from anywhere.

Give it a try with this FREE 30-day Trial:

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