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An Invitation to Information and Inspiration – We all know that the Internet is popular with teens and young adults. It seems like everyday there is another social network, application, or secret web-language that young people are using to keep in touch, socialize, share interests or just have fun. It’s also plain to see that many of these innocent activities can attract unwanted attention, leading to very real threats.

At CyberParenting we are dedicated to addressing both of these issues. On the one hand, there are a number of important safety issues that responsible, informed parents must address regarding their kid’s online lives. At the same time, it is important to find the kind of solutions that leave the boundless possibilities of the Web available to teens, while simultaneously creating connections between kids and their guardians.

CyberParenting feels that most of the Web is a wonderful place full of imagination, learning, entertainment, and inspiring opportunities. The Internet is empowering this new generation of tech-savvy teens in positive, productive ways that we want to celebrate. We also feel that the best weapon against the threats that exist on the Internet is a loving, active, well-informed guardian who understands both the riches and risks that the Internet can offer to our curious kids.

We have created a site that is about level-headed, practical information – not sensational threats or product promotion. This site is also about inspiration, featuring profiles and stories about strong, intelligent parents & teens who are using new-media technologies to change the world we live in.

Visit CyberParenting everyday, every week, make it a part of your families awareness, communication and online education… you’ll soon have a clean bill of health when it comes to making sure your whole family can enjoy all the Internet has to offer – safely… Be informed! Get inspired!

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