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As a father I Choose:  Friendship

Here’s Why:  As a young boy my grandmother taught me “You have to be a Friend, to have a Friend” this lesson has served me well throughout my life, and I have also passed this along, to my own children!!

I Choose Friendship, Kindness, Respect, Compassion and Love!

While interviewing Mary Kay, I shared my own story of a neighborhood bully and I was glad to have all the information and experiences, I’d gained over the past 10 years with Online Security issues and radio interviews, to help me to understand and talk to the father of the bully, and share my concerns with him and his boy!

So, please make sure to watch this wonderful video, and also go to the website for more CyberBullying help & info!

Plus, get your kids get their own “I Choose Bracelets”, and educators and communicators go there as well to “Get Your Free Starter Kit”.

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Download your own pdf copy: Internet Pornography

Perhaps nothing in the mental health world has been more hotly contested than the extent of pornography’s addictiveness. Addiction is a term often bandied about rather carelessly, as we often label too much of anything an addiction. Medically, a substance is addictive if and only if an addict experiences both physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms when the substance is no longer available. Another component of addiction is the desire for more and more of the substance to achieve the same “high.” While many users of pornography have experienced symptoms that would classify pornography as an addiction, there’s still no substantiated proof that porn addiction actual exists.

Facts about internet porn... 2010

Porn Addiction…or Desensitization?

This does not mean, however, that the proliferation of Internet pornography isn’t dangerous. For parents, Internet pornography can be especially troubling, as we worry that our children will be exposed to the sometimes violent and often unsavory world of porn, or that our children may inadvertently fall into the hands of sexual predators. [click to continue…]


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